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Clever mobility solutions

The bicycle storage facilities are a cleverly-devised Belgian quality product and as such they comply with all safety standards and meet all requirements in terms of convenience and comfort. Thanks to the right choice of materials, a sophisticated ergonomic design and perfect finishing, the Velo-Boxx exceeds all expectations. Our in-house installation service guarantees an excellent service before, during and after installation.

Velo-Boxx GARDEN

For DIY enthusiasts, the compact Velo-Boxx GARDEN is ideal to have in the garden!

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€ 2595,-
Velo-Boxx HOME 3.0

Do-it-yourself kit with lockable roll-down shutter and rack for three bicycles.

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€ 2690,-
Velo-Boxx PRO 2.0

The smallest of the Velo-Boxx PRO series. Ideal for small spaces.

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€ 3435,-
Velo-Boxx PRO 4.0

The Quattro version of the Velo-Boxx PRO. You can put away four bikes in this one!

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€ 3790,-
Velo-Boxx PRO 5.0

The Velo-Boxx PRO 5.0, the best-selling bicycle storage hangar with space for five large bikes.

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€ 3825,-

The XL version of Velo-Boxx, specifically developed for delivery tricycles or motorcycles.

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€ 5280,-
Velo-Boxx PRO MOTO

If you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to:

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€ 3435,-
Velo-Boxx XL Flex20

The Velo-Boxx XL Flex20 is a unique design of bicycle storage facility for 20 bicycles, and can be extended by modules in each case accommodating ten bikes.

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€ 16635,-
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