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Bicycle shelter PRO 4.0 | 4x Bicycle icon

The Quattro version of the Velo-Boxx PRO. You can put away four bikes in this one!

4249,52 delivery & installation not included

The best-selling Velo-Boxx product remains the Velo-Boxx PRO, characterised by its modern design and made of hard-wearing material. This dry and above all very secure bicycle storage facility is also easy to use.

The Velo-Boxx is conveniently and easily opened by means of the two handles that enable everyone to open and close the bicycle shelter without needing to exert much force and without having to stoop. The built-in and well-balanced dampers ensure that the bicycle shelter opens and closes simply, and that also goes for children (aged 7 and over).

The Velo-Boxx PRO can be combined with a SMART bicycle rack for the storage of two, four or five bikes.


Height (closed)1.60m
Height (open)2.60m
Access control MAC (key) or EAC (smartphone and badge) or ERK
Locking Automatic
Number of places for bicycles4
VariantVariant C635000
Side panels light grey (RAL 7004) & roof charcoal grey (RAL 7016) powder coated
Variant C635002
Side panels & roof dark green (RAL 6009) powder coated
Article numberC635000/C635002

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