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Bicycle shelter Velo-Boxx HOME 3.0| 3x

Do-it-yourself kit with lockable roll-down shutter and rack for three bicycles.

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The Velo-Boxx HOME boasts an ergonomic design, making it easy to store bicycles. This bicycle storage hangar is perfectly suitable for mountain bikes, city bikes, electric bikes with or without saddlebags, or child’s saddles. The Velo-Boxx HOME has a roll-down-shutter system that can be locked with the (supplied) padlock. The side panels are in a light-grey colour (RAL7004), whilst the roll-down shutter is in charcoal grey (RAL7016).


What’s more this bicycle storage facility can be securely locked and also withstands various weather conditions. The punched holes along the side provide for natural ventilation but likewise serve to combat vandalism.


The Velo-Boxx HOME is offered as a do-it-yourself kit for the retail market. All parts are supplied with the DIY kit. The article can be assembled simply by two people following the instructions in the manual that comes with the kit.


The Velo-Boxx HOME is supplied with a HIGH-LOW bicycle rack for the storage of three bicycles on two levels.



Width 1.50m
Depth 2.25m
Height (closed & open) 1.60m
Weight 180kg
Locking system Padlock
Number of keys 3


Side panels Light grey powder coated 7004
Roof Charcoal grey powder coated 7016
Article number C610006

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