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Clever mobility solutions
Velo-Boxx PRO 5.0 The Velo-Boxx PRO 5.0, the best-selling bicycle storage hangar with space for five large bikes.
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Velo-Boxx Pro 5.0 Bosch Brussel
Blauwe zijwanden (RAL 9004) en groen dak (RAL 8700). Voorzien van mechanisch slot
Looking for an effcient, high-quality bicycle shelter?

Velo-Boxx offers a range of secure bicycle storage facilities.


The bicycle storage facilities are a cleverly-devised Belgian quality product and as such they comply with all safety standards and meet all requirements in terms of convenience and comfort. Thanks to the right choice of materials, a sophisticated ergonomic design and perfect finishing, the Velo-Boxx exceeds all expectations. Our in-house installation service guarantees an excellent service before, during and after installation.


In a nutshell, Velo-Boxx is the bicycle storage hangar in which everyone can put away their bike safely and in complete comfort.


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