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Private individual (
Electronic Access Control (EAC)

You can easily manage access to your Velo-Boxx(es) by remote control by means of an electronic lock. AirKey makes your life simpler and gives you greater independence, since with AirKey you open your Velo-Boxx(es) with your smartphone, you allocate keys by means of text message and you organise your entire locking system simply and conveniently online. So for both commercial and private situations, AirKey offers you an electronic locking system ensuring maximum freedom in conjunction with the highest level of security.


Your AirKey advantages

  1. Keys sent to smartphones via the internet
  2. Free app and online system
  3. For one or more Velo-Boxxes
  4. Product quality and data security from Austria



Article number C631118
Class IP65 quality label
Included 5 user tags
10 key credits
Assembly tool
2 CR2 batteries
Type Electronic SKG***
Smartphone operating system Android/iOS

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