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Bicycle shelter PRO 5.0 LT | 5x Bicycle icon

This Velo-Boxx® is specially designed for Long-Tail bikes. Therefore, this model is extra long yet compact in width.

4999,72 delivery & installation not included

Discover the perfect solution for storing bikes safely and stylishly with the Velo-Boxx® PRO 5.0 LT. Whether you are looking for bike storage for the front yard, backyard, home or workplace, this lockable bike storage provides the ultimate protection and convenience for all your bikes, including electric models.

Bicycle shed front yard or garden

The Velo-Boxx® PRO 5.0 LT was created with aesthetics and functionality in mind, making it the ideal choice for front garden bicycle storage. The clean and modern line blends seamlessly with various architectural styles and offers a durable solution for organising bicycles in the garden or front yard. Whether it rains, snows or the sun shines brightly, your bikes will always be protected in this stylish bike shed.

Compact bike shed

Space is precious, which is why we designed the Velo-Boxx® PRO 5.0 LT with compactness in mind. Despite its robust nature, this bike stand takes up minimal space, making it the ideal choice for both small gardens and larger spaces.

Metal bicycle shed

Durability meets modern design with the metal construction of the Velo-Boxx®. The strong frame not only provides protection, but also adds a touch of contemporary style to your outdoor space. The metal bicycle stand is very low-maintenance and recyclable.

Lockable Bicycle Storage

Safety comes first, which is why you can fit the Velo-Boxx® PRO 5.0 LT with a mechanical cylinder with coded keys (MAC). Give thieves no chance and protect your bikes with the confidence provided by our lockable bike shed. With a sturdy lock and solid construction, this bike shed is the ultimate security for your valuable two-wheelers. If you prefer to unlock the Velo-Boxx® with your smartphone or badge, an electronic cylinder is also available (EAC). After closing the Velo-Boxx®, it locks automatically. Handy because this allows you to cycle away immediately after closing the door.

Enclosed and Covered Bicycle Storage for Home

Our bicycle shed is ideal for home use, where convenience and safety are paramount. The Velo-Boxx® is convenient and easy to open by means of the two handles that allow anyone to open and close the bike stand without exerting much force and without bending over. The built-in and balanced gas springs ensure that the bike shed opens and closes easily, even for children (from 7 years old).

The closed and covered structure protects your bikes from prying eyes and unfavourable weather conditions. This not only gives a tidy impression, but also extends the life of the bikes by keeping them safe from moisture, dust and other harmful elements. The punched holes along the side provide natural ventilation but equally counter vandalism.

Bicycle shed for electric bikes

With the growing popularity of electric bikes, we understand the need for dedicated storage options. The Velo-Boxx® PRO 5.0 LT has been designed with the size and needs of electric bikes in mind, so you can safely store your precious investment.

Bicycle parking for businesses and offices

Not only at home, but also in the workplace, the Velo-Boxx® PRO 5.0 LT plays a crucial role in organising and securing bicycles. Companies and offices can benefit from the versatility and robustness of this bicycle storage unit. With the possibility of personalisation in a colour of your choice and even adding a company logo, the Velo-Boxx® PRO 5.0 LT becomes not only a functional, but also a representative element of the corporate culture. Give your employees and customers the reassurance of a safe and covered place for their bikes, while at the same time reinforcing brand identity with a tailor-made bike shed that seamlessly matches your company's image.


Height (closed)1.65m
Height (open)2.60m
Access controlMAC (key) or EAC (smartphone and badge) or ERK
Number of places for bicycles5
VariantVariant C631000
Side panels in Signal Grey (RAL 7004) & roof in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)N, powder coated
Variant C631002
Side panels & roof in Fir Green (RAL 6009), powder coated
Article numberC631000/C631002

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