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Bike Repair Station

All you need for minor repairs and for pumping up your tyres. Complete tool kit and pump inside.

2149,2 delivery & installation not included

The Bike Repair Station is a clever three-in-one station:

  1. Stable securing at working height: hang a men’s bike with its frame on the two plastic brackets or hang a ladies’ bike with its saddle between the two bars;
  2. Incorporated tools are protectively stowed behind a sturdy door, and hang securely and safely on strong cables;
  3. Built-in professional air pump.

The Bike Repair Station makes getting around by bike an even more attractive proposition.

Ideal for your city or municipality, in your company, at events, in hotels, at home or on campsites.


Tools incl.1 adjustable spanner of 150 mm
1 Allenkey set with 7 pcs: from 2.5 to 10mm
1 crosshead screwdriver PH2 x 100 mm
1 flat screwdriver of 1.0 x 5.5 x 100 mm
1 cone spanner for wheel hubs of 13/14 mm & 15/16 mm
1 set of 2 tyre levers
1 SKS Rennkompressor air pump
All tools are attached to the BRS by means of hard-wearing steel cables (diameter: 2 mm). Plastic coating for greater comfort and safety.
SecuringSecure the BRS using 4 M10 wedge anchors (not supplied). Install it on a stable concrete plinth which is level.
Article numberC610009

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