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Individual bicycle locker PRO 1.0 | 1x Bicycle icon

Unlike in a collective bike locker, in an individual bike locker there are no other bikes but yours.

2988,7 delivery & installation not included

The elegant curves and the combination of flat and corrugated sheets result in a non-intimidating but friendly appearance. Like all Velo-Boxx® models, PRO 1.0 is easy to open and close with one high and one low, rounded handle. The high-quality gas springs ensure that you need to exert as little force as possible. The unique automatic closing system allows you to simply drive off after the door has been closed.

The entire construction is made of metal, which is not only extremely strong but also virtually maintenance-free, durable and recyclable. The extensive choice of access control (opening with key, tag or smartphone) and options is identical to the other models of the PRO series. The new Velo-Boxx® PRO 1.0 FP can be delivered or installed from 3 pieces connected together. The new Velo-Boxx® PRO 1.0 stands for stylish, safe and dry bicycle parking!   

The Velo-Boxx® PRO 1.0 FP can be combined with a SMART bicycle rack with integrated attachment bracket.


Height (closed)1.60m
Height (open)2.60m
Access controlMAC (key) or EAC (smartphone and badge) or ERK
Locking Automatic
Number of places for bicycles1
VariantSide panels: Light grey powder coated 7004
Door and roof: Charcoal grey powder coated 7016
Reference numberBasic module: C635100
Following module: 635101

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