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Ready for spring!

So time for a cleaning and check-up. This will not only extend the life of your Velo-Boxx® but will also enable you to detect possible defects in time.

You don't need much for this spring cleaning and proceed as follows: rinse the Velo-Boxx with e.g. a garden hose, fill a bucket with water and add some car shampoo. Remove leaves and other dirt. Take a sponge and wash the Velo-Boxx with it. Let the Velo-Boxx dry. Now it's time for the inside: remove leaves and litter. Visually check for possible damage and make sure the gas springs are not leaking. If you see oil on the ground, the cylinder rod is not dry or you see oil drops on the cylinder rod, this indicates that the gas springs need to be replaced. Please contact us for this at After this spring cleaning, your Velo-Boxx will be ready for use again!

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